Super Bowl: “Jesus is Better!”

Read: Romans 10:8-13

Because this is the week of the Super Bowl there has been a lot of talk and interviews leading up to the big game. One particular interview seemed to get a lot negative attention after the last game that was played, but most of them this week have been far less controversial.

I was especially interested by an interview that pastor Mark Driscoll (from Seattle) did with some of the Seattle Seahawks players that are strong Christians. Their main message was, “The Super Bowl is great, but knowing Jesus is much better.” Here is a youtube link to a short 3:00 minute clip of that interview.

Since my days of growing up in New Mexico I have always been a Denver Broncos fan. So, I will be cheering for the Broncos when it comes to the game on Sunday. But I definitely support the Christian witness of all those on the field. Here is another short youtube link to a clip about Peyton Manning’s Christian faith. This was from his days with the Colts.

In Romans 10 Paul talks about declaring with our mouths that “Jesus is Lord!” These men are not only doing that, they are saying that Jesus is even more important to them than playing in the Super Bowl or anything else in life.

That only makes sense. For Romans 10:11 says that believers will never be put to shame. In verse 13 it says that believers who call on the name of the Lord will always be saved. That is a promise that is near and dear to every Christian.

I am thankful this week for Christians who are on the “Big Stage” of the world and yet are still persistent in living out their faith and testimony for Jesus. It’s a reminder for us to do the same on whatever stage God has given to us. Does our life speak the message “Jesus is Better!”?

Enjoy the big game this Sunday with family and friends and remember the testimony of both quarterbacks in the game. They believe in Jesus and follow Christ just like you and I. I support Russell Wilson 100%, but Go Peyton and Go Broncos!

Make it personal: As you watch the game this Sunday share the testimony of these players with those you are watching with. If you are not going to watch the game, share your own testimony with someone at your work or school this week. Remember, Jesus is better than anything this world has to offer us!

Have a Super week,
Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church