Stop, Look, and Listen

Read:  I Chronicles 29:1-20
This will be the final week of my sharing a devotional from the 30 Days of Generosity material that our church is currently experiencing together.  These thoughts are shared by Gord Gooderman.  He writes…..
Their big old farmhouse was gradually being restored, and the family loved their home. Then they heard about homeless children in Bangladesh. It didn’t seem right that they should have so much and others so little. The children discovered that a house in Bangladesh could be built for $350. The family prayed about this need. They pooled their Christmas and birthday money and came up with $60. What else could be done?
When the local Christian radio station offered two concert tickets as a prize for answering a Bible question, the 10-year-old daughter phoned in and won. She donated the tickets back to the station to be auctioned to raise money to build a Bangladeshi home. The highest bid came in at $1,000! Now there was enough for three homes.
But the family didn’t stop. They baked and sold pies to raise more money for even more houses. Then a local church joined in the fundraising effort with a contribution of $2,600 to the cause. One family’s generosity inspired an entire community to joyful giving.
Pray:  Dear God, your Son taught that it is more blessed to give than receive, and this is a hard truth for me to accept. I confess wanting to hold on to the things I have – as though it is all about me. Give me the grace to willingly and joyfully give to you. Amen.

Make it personal:  Stop, look, and listen for an opportunity to join in an extreme stewardship adventure by seeking out a giving opportunity that will stretch you beyond your weekly commitment to your local church ministry.

Have a great week filled with generous acts, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church