Seven Days

Read: Luke 22 to end of Gospel

I have been watching “The Bible” mini-series on the History channel the past several weeks like many of you. The ratings are the highest for a cable T.V. program this past month. Obviously many are interested in God’s Story and how it connects with our story.

I have especially enjoyed the last week or two as the mini-series got into the New Testament and shared the life and ministry of Jesus. This past week was especially emotional as it lead up to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection which will air this coming Sunday on Easter.

As we read the Gospel accounts of those events we often try to visualize what it was like. When we see it acted out on the screen it brings new ideas of what the reactions and actions of the disciples and others might have been like as Jesus went through those last seven days.

The director of “The Bible” is not any more sure than we are of how they reacted or what all of the details are, but the Gospels give us a pretty descriptive account that allows us to feel like we experience that last week with Jesus and the disciples. I hope you will read from Luke 22 to the end of the chapter this week and allow yourself to be drawn into the story and what Jesus and his disciples experienced.

We know the end of the story even before it airs on the History channel this Sunday, but it never gets old! It is the reason that we celebrate, it is the reason we follow Jesus, and it is the reason we have been saved from our sins and the evils in this world.

Let’s celebrate and remember together this weekend, but let’s chose a Gospel account of those last seven days and experience them again as if we were right there beside Peter and the other disciples.

Make it personal: Put yourself in the room with Jesus and the Disciples during the last supper. Put yourself in the crowd, at the foot of the cross, and at the empty tomb. What might you have felt and experienced? What kind of emotions would you have had. By doing this we can make Holy Week even that more meaningful in our own story.

Have a great week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life, Arthur Mennonite Church