Pete and Repeat

Read: John 19 and 20

Perhaps you have heard about Pete and his brother Repeat. They were walking together one day and Pete fell in a hole.  Who was left?  Repeat!  Ok, Pete and Repeat were walking together one day and Pete fell in a hole.  Who was left?  Repeat!  And it goes on…..    I have also heard this joke told with Pete and Repeat in a boat.  Pete falls out and who is left in the boat?  Repeat!  Okay……

Repetition can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing.  It depends on what you are repeating.  Poh Fang Chia tells the story about a journalist who had a quirky habit of not using blue pens.  So when his colleague asked him if he needed anything from the store, he asked for some pens.  “But not the blue pens,” he said.  “I don’t want blue pens.  I don’t like blue.  Blue is too heavy.  So please purchase 12 ballpoint pens for me, anything but blue!”  The next day his colleague passed him the pens, and they were all blue.  He had heard the word “blue” repeated so much that it was the word that stuck in his mind when he got to the store.

Each year we remember and celebrate Good Friday and Easter.  Each year we celebrate Christmas.  Each year we remember Pentecost.  These are good things to remember and repeat.  These are great things to have impressed on our hearts and minds.  God has sent his Son Jesus to us, to die for our sins, to be raised to life again, and to send us the Holy Spirit.  We must never forget or never take these blessings lightly.

This is also why weekly church attendance is important.  Each week we set aside a time to gather together and worship the Lord for what has been done for us.  Without times of pause and remembrance we tend to repeat the other things in life that are not nearly as valuable as praise, worship, adoration, and calling out to God.  Being together with other Christians can also be a time of encouragement, growth, and discernment for our lives.

I would imagine that all of us can think of things in our life that need to get repeated less.  Bad habits, dangerous addictions, and unhealthy attitudes are some that come to mind.  It is important for us to repeat the important things often and leave the other things behind.  Jesus wants to help us with that!  The more we repeat something the more it gets ingrained into who we are, who we will become, and what we represent.  Let’s repeat the Good News of Jesus in our life as often as we can!

Make it Personal:  Read John 19 and 20 this week and recall the story of Good Friday and Easter once again. May it inspire you to leave the things of the world behind and continuously repeat the things of God in your life.  Attend a worship service this Easter Sunday and then repeat it each Sunday after that.  God is good all the time, all the time God is good!  That’s another phrase we have been know to repeat.  That’s a good one!

Have a blessed Easter,  Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church