Musical Pews

Read: Ephesians 2:11-22

This past Sunday I encouraged our church to sit in a different spot during worship for the rest of June. This is to go along with our current message series on the book of Ephesians. I guess instead of musical chairs this could be called musical pews. In this book of Ephesians Paul speaks often of how we are one in Christ and how unity in the body is very important.

The idea is really to foster new interactions between the people. Perhaps they will sit beside someone they don’t know as well or maybe they will realize that it’s kind of nice to practice flexibility in where we sit each Sunday.

I shared a funny story this past Sunday that went like this. this young couple at this small country church always sat on the back pew. Every Sunday they found their seat and then snuck out as the final prayer was being said.

But one Sunday they came in very late, and the back pews were all full. Their normal spot was taken by someone else. The usher told them that the only spot available was in the second row. He ushered them up and they sat down beside a church member who sat on the second row each week.

The church member didn’t recognize this couple and thought they were visitors, so she said, “Good to have you with us! Where are ya’ll from?” Kind of embarrassed, The husband looked at his wife and looked back at the lady and said, “The back row!”

It’s a story that brings a little humor to how we sometimes get very possessive about our seats in church. That possessiveness however often robs us out of interacting with others in Christ’s body. If we sat beside different people each week imagine how broad our relationships would become. It would foster our oneness in Christ for sure.

In these verses Paul is talking about Christ bringing down the barrier between the Jews and Gentiles. Our barriers may not be that large but I think all of us could agree that our individualistic culture is pulling as away from each other instead of closer to each other.

We need to be intentional about fostering our oneness in Jesus Christ. Church is a great place to do that. When believers gather together there is opportunity for growth, fellowship, and worship of our Lord. I hope that you will make the body of Christ a part of your weekly schedule. As busy as all of us are this is one thing we will not regret.

Now, where are you going to sit this Sunday?

Make it personal: Perhaps this is a month to turn a new leaf. Maybe you will start attending church more, maybe you will join a Fellowship group or Life group, perhaps you will start attending a Christian Education class? I encourage you to do that. Turn that leaf over!

Have a great week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life, Arthur Mennonite Church