Read: 1 Corinthians 4:7-14

During our churches “30 Days of Generosity” I plan to share a devotional/meditation that goes along with the material we are using. This week’s is written by Doug Sider Jr. He writes….

“The church at Corinth was racked with conflicting loyalties and claims to fame. Paul reminded the church that there is no human basis for pride. “What makes you think you are different from everybody else? After all, everything you have comes from God,” he wrote. We 21st century Christians are not so different from those early believers.

We boast in our abilities, our upbringing, our educational background, forgetting that these are gifts from God. We would not be where we are without the constant and countless interventions of God. God’s greatest gift, of course, is his only Son as a sacrifice for our sins and mistakes. Salvation is the most precious gift any of us will ever receive, and we have done nothing to deserve it.

The truth is, our natural bent is rebellion against God, and yet Christ died for us, carried our sins, and gave us his holiness. He didn’t have to do it. His is a gift of grace. We are his children, and he loves us with an unconditional love. He gives us what we need and what we can use to further his kingdom and to spread his grace even more. When we forget Jesus’ sacrifice, we become selfish and full of pride.

Pray: Give me a renewed and joyful heart, dear God. As the words from Psalm 100 remind me, it is you who made me, and I am yours. Thank you for including me among your people, for being my shepherd, and for inviting me to “graze” in your bountiful pastures. Amen.

Make it Personal: Make a conscious effort to think about your possessions as though they belonged to someone else. Notice whether you find yourself treating the things in your life differently.”

Have a great week everyone, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church