Living Hope


Read: 1 Peter 1:3-9      

Many people have used the quote “Where there’s life, there’s hope,” but none have proclaimed it and offered it as fully as God’s son Jesus Christ.  As difficult and hard as life can be sometimes, there is always hope found in the Savior of the world.  Peter reminds us that those who put their faith and hope in Jesus can find a hope that is living, active, and full of mercy and grace.

Life with Christ can give us a hope-filled outlook.  Like the story of the man who approached a little league baseball game one afternoon and asked a young player what the score was.  The boy responded, “18-0, we’re behind.”  “Wow,” the spectator said, “I imagine you are very discouraged.”  The young boy replied, “Why should I be discouraged, we haven’t even gotten up to bat yet!”  

When life is hard and discouraging, Jesus can help you through those times by giving you his living hope.  In these verses Peter proclaims that it is a hope that will never perish, spoil, or fade away.  John Maxwell once told about a small town in Maine that was proposed for the site of a great hydro-electric plant.  A dam would be built across the river and the town submerged.  When the project was announced, the people were given many months to arrange their affairs and relocate.

But during those months, a curious thing happened.  All improvements ceased.  No painting was done.  No repairs were made on the buildings, roads, or sidewalks.  Day by day the whole town got shabbier and shabbier.  A long time before the waters came, the town looked uncared for and abandoned, even though the people had not yet moved away.  One citizen explained: “Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.”

Faith in Jesus can keep your eyes focused on the future, while providing power, comfort, and strength in your present situation.  Faith in Jesus as your Savior can also provide for you the promise of eternal life in heaven when this life on earth is over.  There is no greater hope to be found in life than this living hope that Jesus offers!

Make it personal:  Take time to pray this week and share your difficulties and struggles of life with Jesus.  He cares for you, he is concerned, and he can provide this living hope in the midst of your circumstances.  If you have life, you have hope.  But if you have life in Jesus Christ, you have a living hope that will last.

Have a great week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church