“Little Drummer Boy”

This Weeks Meditation:  “The Little Drummer Boy”
Read: Matthew 2:1-12

This week I continue with the theme of Christmas songs and how they came about and what they mean.  The song I choose for this week is not one that is often used in church.  The song about the little drummer boy does however have some spiritual encouragement for us.

This song was originally known as “Carol of the Drum” and was written in 1941 by American composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis.  The first recording of the song was done in 1955 by the Trapp Family singers of Austria who are also well known through the famous musical “The Sound of Music.”

The lyrics to this song talk about a poor young boy who is summoned by the Magi (Wise Kings) to the nativity of Jesus.  When the boy arrives he realizes that the others have gifts for Jesus and he has come without one.  Without a gift to give, the young boy gets out his drum and plays his drum for Jesus and the new parents.  In the song he says, “I played my best for him, and he smiled at me.”

This song has been recorded thousands of times through the years by many individuals and groups.  While it’s a beautiful song with a peaceful rhythm it is also a song with a great reminder for all of us.

God has blessed us all with various gifts.  Jesus is not as concerned about what gifts we bring to him as he is with us using the gifts we have been blessed with for God’s purposes on this earth.  This song begs us to ask, “What gift do I have and how am I using it to please Jesus?”

Sure, it is a bit embarrassing if we arrive at a party and everyone has a gift except us, but sometimes the gift we can bring is already a part of who we are and not a material item.  We can share the gift of encouragement, of love, of concern or comfort with someone.  Those are characteristics of Jesus we should carry around with us at all times.

I hope we can share those with others this Christmas season.  I am sure they will make much more of an impact than any expensive gift we can give.  Jesus has blessed you with many gifts, use them for his glory and his purposes.

Make it personal:  When you hear “The Little Drummer Boy” this Christmas season stop and think about the gifts that God has given you.  If you showed up without a gift, what could you share out of who God created you to be?  After all, most of us don’t carry a drum around with us wherever we go.

Have a great week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church