“Hold on Tight”

Read: John 16:16-33

A couple weeks ago we were getting ready for a garage sale at our house when I ran across an old CD that I used to listen to all the time. That’s one good thing about garage sales, you end up finding some old treasures of your own. This CD was Rich Mullins album “Never Picture Perfect.”

Rich was a very talented Christian musician before his life tragically ended in an automobile accident in 1997. He and a friend were headed to a Mennonite college (Tabor) in Kansas for a benefit concert when their Jeep left the road on I-39 just south of Bloomington, Illinois and flipped several times. Rich was killed but his friend Mitch survived.

Rich Mullins is probably best known for the popular worship songs “Awesome God” and “Sometimes by Step,” but he had many other songs with lyrics that spoke openly and passionately about his Christian faith and our relationship with Jesus. One of those was “Bound to come some trouble” from this album.

The song is based on John 16:33 where Jesus tells his disciples, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!” Here is a link to youtube if you would like to listen to this powerful song.

Life is filled with troubles just like Jesus said. Sometimes it is a tragedy, sometimes it is a disease, sometimes it is a difficult relationship, sometimes it can be a financial problem, and sometimes it can be all the above and more. As Christians we need to realize that Jesus promises to stand with us through those times of pain and heartache.

One line in this song says, “I know there’s bound to come some trouble to your life, But reach out to Jesus, hold on tight, He’s been there before and He knows what it’s like,
You’ll find He’s there.” It’s great to have family and friends stand by us in those difficult times, but nothing compares to the presence of Jesus who knows exactly what we are feeling and what we are dealing with.

As this song says, often people will give us maybes. Maybe it will end tomorrow, or maybe things will get better. But when those maybes aren’t enough and you need something more to hold on to, Jesus says “Hold on tight to me, I have overcome the world!” That’s a promise we need to claim, in the good times, and the very difficult ones as well.

Make it personal: I hope you will take 3 minutes of your day to click on the link above and listen to this song. It is powerful, it is true, and it may just be what you need today. Take Heart! Your Jesus will help you be an overcomer!

Peace and Blessings,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life, Arthur Mennonite Church