“God is Love”

This weeks meditation:  “God is Love”
Read: Romans 5:1-11

In this passage there is one verse that really sticks out.  Verse 8 says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:  While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  What a humbling and yet joyful reality, that God loves us that much, that He gave his one and only Son.

I have always liked the hymn “The Love of God.”  What a wonderful reminder when we sing that God’s love is greater than any tongue or pen can ever tell.  That it is greater and lasts longer than any earthly throne or kingdom ever will.

The last verse of that hymn is hard to imagine when you think about the amount of water on our earth.  It says that if the oceans were filled with ink for the writer’s pen it would still drain the ocean dry.  Wow!  If you are having a bad day or bad week just dwell on that for a while.

God loves you so much that he has saved you from the sin of this world and promised you eternal life in heaven.  If you are a believer in Jesus I hope that you are living with that hope daily.  If you are not yet a believer I hope you will soon accept this love that God has for you through His Son Jesus Christ.

Charles Spurgeon once told the story of the preacher who was walking in the country side and stopped by a farm house for a drink of water. The old farmer who lived there went out to talk to the preacher. As they were talking the preacher noticed that the barn had a weather vane on it that was spinning around in the wind.

On the weather vane the words “GOD IS LOVE” were engraved.
The preacher said to the man, “I don’t think that is a very good way to talk about God’s love. Are you saying that God’s love is wishy washy and changes depending on the way the wind blows?” ” No, no” said the farmer. “That Weather Vane is saying, “No matter which way the wind blows, God is Love.”

As Christian singer Scott Krippayne sings, if the blue skies grow dark and the gentle winds grow strong in your life, God’s love will still be there for you to place your hope in.  God loves you!  Always has, always will!

Make it personal:  The next time you are having a rough day pause for a moment and read Romans 5:1-11.  In my Bible the heading is “Peace and Joy” and we can all use some of that in our lives!  Then pray to God and ask for His love to pour over you and calm your storm or at least calm His child.

Blessings, Glen Rhodes
Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church