Filters and Pods

Read:  Proverbs 4:18-27

During a recent Children’s Time at church I started out by holding something up and asking the children if any of them knew what it was.  Not one child raised their hand.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that most of them may have never seen a coffee filter before.  Either their parents don’t drink coffee, or if they do many of them probably use Coffee Pods in their Keurig machines instead of brewing a pot of coffee.  Perhaps the children learned more than just the Bible lesson that morning?

Filters are an important thing in life whether you are a child or an adult.  How many of us like to drink coffee that has coffee grounds floating around it?  How dirty would the air in our homes be if our air conditioners did not have filters?  How about the oil in our vehicles, the water we drink, or the aquarium you might have in your living room?  Those filters are important but perhaps the most important filter is the one that keeps our lives pure, holy, and righteous before God.

In Proverbs 4 we are told to guard our hearts, our mouths, our eyes, and our paths.  Verse 26 and 27 says, “Be steadfast in all your ways and keep your foot from evil.”  It makes me wonder, are we being intentional about doing those things?  Are we filtering out the things that are ungodly, filled with sin, and leading us away from God’s will for our lives?  Are we doing this for our children and helping them learn how to make Godly choices in life?

Menno Simons once said, “For this is the chief and principal care of the saints, that their children may fear God, do right, and be saved.”  In a recent article Melvin Schwartz wrote about how trees work together to protect each other and provide for each other.  He wrote, “Tree’s in every stage of development are all growing together.  The older trees offer protection from the weather and provide an established boundary within which the young trees can safely grow.”  He went on to say, “Let us all work together to create an environment that induces spiritual growth, so future generations can walk in the ways of the Lord after we are gone, and we can all inherit eternal life together.”

We need to make sure that our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions are filtered through God’s Word and God’s will for our lives.  Adults, this means that we need to be careful about what we allow into our minds, eyes, and out of our mouths.  It also means that we need to help protect our children from the many dangers that lurk in today’s world.  Internet filters and blocks are valuable, checking their phones from time to time can be helpful, and having helpful conversations with them about these things can be the most beneficial.

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  Let’s do that!

Make it personal:  Adults, what do we need to do to make our life holy and steadfast in the eyes of the Lord?  What filters might we need to add?  Parents, how are you protecting your children from this age of the internet?  In our home we use a very good filter/block called “Qustudio” that works for web browsers as well as smartphones.  It works better and offers far more options than most others that I have researched.  If you want more information you can check their website or smartphone app.  Whatever you do, be sure to talk to your children about why these things are important and why it is important to guard our hearts, minds, and mouths from sin and evil.

Have a wonderful week,  Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church