“Faith in Action”

This Weeks Meditation:  “Faith in Action”
Read: Hebrews 11

This chapter in the Bible is often referred to as the Hall of Faith. It lists many people in the Bible and commends them for their faith in God during challenging times.  Not only did they have faith though, they also showed faithfulness to God as well.

We often hear about how we live in a world that is way over committed.  That may be true, but I sometimes wonder if our over commitment is causing us to become less committed in some of the areas that are most important.

I read an article last week that stated results from a recent survey that was taken.  In that survey they asked Christians if they were faithful church attenders.  Most said yes, but the interesting part of the results were in how most of those people defined faithful.  If they went to church once a month they answered that they were faithful church attenders.

I’m not writing this week to harp on church attendance, but that survey made me ask if we need to re access what faithfulness to God looks like.  If I take time to read my Bible, pray and have a quiet time with God once a week should I consider that being faithful to my relationship with Christ?

A couple weeks ago I started teaching a Junior High faith exploration class in church.  We have been talking about many of these people that are included in the Hebrews 11 Hall of Faith chapter. For me it has been a refreshing time of renewing my definition of what faith in action looks like.

We are using Michele Herschberger’s book entitled “God’s Story, Our Story,” and she uses the example of faith being like a tree that you plant in Kansas.  She says, “It takes commitment to watering it every day.”  I recently planted some fall grass seed in my back yard and I know exactly what she is talking about.  If I don’t faithfully show up to water it I probably won’t have any grass next spring.

My hope this week is that Hebrews 11 and these great examples of faithfulness to God will encourage each of us to re-evaluate what our definition of faithfulness looks like in all areas of life.  And even more important, where do my commitments lie?

Make it personal:  Think about your God calendar this week.  How does your time with Jesus, your commitment to God’s work, and your times of worship speak to Christ about your faithfulness to Him?  We are all busy, but in what way?  It’s best to be busy growing our faith in Christ, it has eternal value.

Blessings in your week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church