This doesn’t make sense!

Read: Psalm 46

In the past month or two many things have happened to people close to us that cause us to ask the question “WHY?” The Psalms remind us that we are not alone in those feelings. Many Psalms are written from that exact perspective of wondering why different things are happening and why God is allowing them to happen. The book of Job is another example of this in the Bible.

Many of the Psalms and Job continue to hold out hope and strength in the midst of their extreme trials. Psalm 46 and 34 are great examples of this. It is hard to answer the many questions we have in one short midweek meditation. In fact, some questions that we ask may not have answers that are immediately available to us.

Along with the power of scripture and the encouragement of the Psalms I would like to suggest another book to you that may help you work through some of these questions. It is a book written by Dr. James Dobson entitled, “Holding on to your faith even… When God Doesn’t Make Sense.” Perhaps the description of this book on the inside cover can be of some help today. Here is what it says….

“When we are young and health is good and we have not yet encountered disease, disappointment, and sorrow, it is easy to believe that life will always be rather carefree and happy. But every person who lives long enough will eventually experience difficulties that are not easy to understand. At those times the pieces simply will not fit, and God just doesn’t make sense.

Most of us are inclined in those moments to struggle with the most troubling question in human experience: “Why did God let this happen to me?” When we are entangled in life’s crisis, it is common to feel great frustration with God. Our inability to figure out what He is doing creates the greatest agitation. The “Why?” question, which even Jesus asked from the cross, is often left unanswered for years or perhaps for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, some believers are so shaken by their inability to understand that they feel a profound sense of abandonment by God. This “betrayal barrier” is a dangerous weapon used against us. Satan wants each of us to feel that our compassionate Lord has actually singled us out for abuse!

“When God Doesn’t Make Sense” is addressed lovingly to those who have been left confused and disillusioned by life’s difficulties. It is intended to nurture the faith of the wounded and downhearted, and to prevent disillusionment in those who have not fallen into the clutches of despair.

In this book Dr. Dobson weaves together personal experiences with the wisdom of Scripture, which offers great insight into the trails of life and how to cope with them. A proper understanding of these biblical principles can expose false expectations that inevitably collide with reality in a sinful and fallen world.

The Lord has assured us that we are in His constant care. We can trust Him even when our difficult circumstances are beyond human comprehension. We can rest in his promise: The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18)”

I would recommend this book to anyone who is feeling or experiencing what this is describing!  You can find the book and order it on and as well as other sites.  It also available for checkout in our church library.

My prayer is that the Lord will guide us through these times of difficulty and struggle. That we will feel his presence with us and gain encouragement from the Bible and other books such as this one by Dr. James Dobson. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Make it personal: Prayer is one of the most powerful things to help us through difficult times. I would encourage you to take your needs, your questions, your despair, to the Lord in prayer. Pray as often as you need to! God hears your prayers!

Have a blessed week,
Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church