“Culture of Virtue”

This Weeks Meditation:  “Culture of Virtue”
Read: Psalm 37:1-11

This Psalm of David contrasts the righteous with the wicked.
He talks about how those who do the right thing will find
peace and safe pasture while those who practice deceit and
wrong will be cut off.  Sometimes in our world it doesn’t feel
like that is the way it works, but in the long run it really

While some may prosper from doing wrong in the short term it
eventually will catch up with them as time passes.  We often
see numerous examples of that in the news.  But even until it
catches up to them it will fester within them because they
know of their wicked schemes even if no one else does.

These verses in Psalm 37 are a reminder that righteous ways
bring about peace and ultimately the desires of our heart.
As we see many in our culture continue to choose wrongful ways
in politics, business, and even personal matters, we need to
remember that “peace” comes through doing things the right
way.  Peace of mind and a peace in our hearts.

God’s Word holds those virtues up for us.  It reminds us of
the culture of virtue that we as Christ followers are called
to cultivate.  Chuck Colson recently wrote, “Free societies
and the free market cannot flourish in the face of rampant
corruption. We must re-build a culture of virtue at every
level of public life if we are to survive.”

Christians, it must begin with us!  We must live our lives in
a way that rejects the temptations of sin and corruption and
place our lives and decisions in the ways of God.  Like with
many other things, one person can’t change the world.  But if
one sets an example many others may follow.  One spark is all
it takes to light the fire.

Let’s enjoy a life of peace and fulfillment by living out the
virtues found in God’s Word.  Let’s be the start of a new
culture of virtue that can displace the culture of corruption
that we hear about on the news each week.  Our families need
it, our cities need it, our country needs it, and our world
needs it!

Make it personal:  Perhaps during this season of Lent we can
think about what virtues we need to be cultivating in our own
lives.  If we dedicate those to Christ then we can be an
example for others to follow.  What do we need to repent of in
order to realize this peace that David talks about in verse

Have a Blessed week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life
Arthur Mennonite Church