Cubs Rule!

Read: Romans 1:8-17

In the first chapter of Romans you will not find prophecy about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in the year 2016, even though that still could come to pass.  I imagine that all of the Cub fans are reading this meditation this week because of the title I chose.  Those of you who know that I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan are probably reading this to see why I am spreading such heresy among the people.

Well, here is the truth.  The meditation this week really has nothing to do with the Cubs.  I used that title as a way to make a point about something else.  Titles are handy in that way.  That is why newspapers and magazines use them before each article.  It draws the people in, stirs up their interest, and encourages them to hear or read what you have to share.  I’m not trying to trick you but I would like to share something interesting that I read this past week.

According to a survey of 2,000 unchurched Americans from LifeWay Research and the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism, many unchurched people are wide open to the first steps, or approaches, of evangelism.  A full 79% of unchurched Americans agreed with this statement: “If a friend of mine really values their faith, I don’t mind them talking about it.”  That survey was shared by Pastor James Emory White in his blog this past week.

What often happens to Christians is that we get this idea in our head that people don’t want to hear about our faith, our beliefs, or how we view the world through the lens of Christianity.  We entertain this idea that we are not supposed to bring it up at work, at school, or with our unbelieving friends.  This new survey suggests that we need to be more bold in our witnessing.  People will give you an ear even if they may not see the truth of Christ and God’s Word at the beginning.  We do the sharing and pray that God will reveal those things to them.

The Apostle Paul was bold for sure.  In verse 16 he says, ” For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…”  This is exactly why we need to share the Good News with others.  What title are you putting out there to get people interested?  What example are they witnessing in your life?  What conversation starters can you use to begin those discussions?  It sounds like 79% of those people would like to have that talk.

While there may be disagreement on my title for this week’s meditation, I think we can all agree that the world needs to hear more about the salvation of Jesus.  It is up to us to be creative, bold, and compassionate as we fulfill God’s call on our lives to be the light of Christ in our everyday lives and relationships.  People are ready to talk and listen if you will give them a reason to!  Oh and by the way,  Good Luck Cub Fans!  That was quite a comeback last night!

Make it personal:  Think of someone specific this week (someone who does not go to church or is not a believer) that you could try and start a conversation with about your faith.  Find a word, a phrase, or a question that might lead the conversation further on down the road.  Then just talk with them as a friend and pray that God will reveal his truth to them.  Why?  Because “it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes….”

Have a great week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church