Created in God’s Image


Read: Genesis 1         

In the very first chapter of the Bible it speaks of God creating the world.  After God created the animals, the stars, and everything else God saw them and said it was good.  When God created human beings, male and female, in his image, he said that it was “very” good.  It notes the special creation that we as people are in the eyes of God.  Yes, we are created in God’s image.

In his book Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places (Eerdmann’s, 2008) pastor and author Eugene Peterson notes that it’s easy for us to look at the grandeur and beauty of the mountains or to bask in the warmth of the spring sun and recognize the beauty of creation. Yet, sometimes we ignore the wonderful creation of the people right in front of us.

Peterson writes, “Several years ago one of my students who lived a distance away and rode a crowded bus to the college each day said to his wife as he went out the door one morning, “I’m just going to go out and immerse myself in God’s creation today.” The next day his parting words were the same. On the third day, she called him back, “Don’t you think you ought to go to class today? A couple of days walking in the woods or on the beach is okay, but don’t you think enough is enough?”  

He said, “Oh, I’ve been going to class every day.”  “Then what,” she said, “is all this business about immersing yourself in creation?”  “Well, I spend forty minutes on the bus each morning and afternoon. Can you think of a setting more thick with creation than that, all these people created in the image of God, created male and female?”  “I never thought of that,” she said.

Peterson concludes, “We need to embrace the people around us with the same delight as we do the hawks soaring above us and the violets blooming at our feet.”  In the midst of so many different personalities, gifts, passions, and opinions that are in the world, we need to appreciate the truth that all are made in the image of God.  God loves us all and desires to be in a right relationship with everyone. 

On a recent trip to Orlando, Florida I was amazed at the diversity that I found around every street corner.  People were from all over the world, speaking different languages, and from different cultures.  And yet all were a magnificent creation of God Almighty.  Sometimes along with stopping to smell the roses we need to stop and thank the Lord for His wonderful creation of people.  “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Genesis 1:31.

Make it Personal:  It’s sometimes too easy to view others in a negative light.  Those who are different from us or those we might disagree with on things.  It’s much easier to view others in a positive light if we remind ourselves that they too were created in the image of God.  Our identity is found in God.  We understand that we are created with various personalities for a unique purpose.  The Lord has designed each person with the desire to have a one-on-one relationship with them through Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church