A Celebration of God

Read: Psalm 150

How would you define worship? Webster’s dictionary defines it this way…. “A person of importance; reverence offered to a divine being; an act of expressing reverence; a form of religious practice; an extravagant respect or admiration for something or someone.”

The truth is many people would define worship in various ways. Some would say it is music, some would say it is prayer and meditation, some would say it is the preaching of God’s Word, some would say it is the gathering of God’s people. Psalm 150 offers many things but one thing is constant…. “Praise the Lord!”

In his book “Worship: Rediscovering the Missing Jewel” Ronald Allen shares many thoughts on what worship is not as well as what worship is, a celebration of God. He writes….

“What then is the celebration of worship? It is the celebration of God! When we worship God, we celebrate Him: We extol Him, we sound His praises, we boast in Him…..

Worship is not the casual chatter that occasionally drowns out the prelude music; we celebrate God when we allow the prelude to attune our hearts to the glory of God by the means of music.

Worship is not the mumbling of prayers or the mouthing of hymns with little thought and less heart; we celebrate God when we join together earnestly in prayer and intensely in song.

Worship is not grudging gifts or compulsory service; we celebrate God when we give to Him hilariously and serve Him with integrity.

Worship is not haphazard music done poorly, not even great music done merely as performance; we celebrate God when we enjoy and participate in music to His glory.

Worship is not a distracted endurance of the sermon; we celebrate God as we hear His Word gladly and seek to be conformed by it more and more to the image of our Savior.

Worship is not the hurried motions of communion around the Lord’s Table; we celebrate God preeminently when we fellowship gratefully at the ceremonial meal that speaks so centrally of our faith in Christ who died for us, who rose again on our behalf, and Who is to return for our good.”

Allen concludes by saying…. “As a thoughtful gift is a celebration of a birthday, as a special evening is a celebration of an anniversary, as a warm eulogy is a celebration of a life, as an embrace is a celebration of marriage, so a worship service is a celebration of God.”

Perhaps these thoughts can help us to approach worship in a new and different way this Sunday. There are many reasons why people come to worship on Sunday, but our main reason should be to celebrate who God is and what Jesus Christ means in our life. With that attitude of worship the Lord will speak into our lives and give us direction for the days ahead.

Make it personal: Take some time to think about your attitudes toward worship. How would you define it, but more importantly how can it define you? When Jesus looks at your life, your worship, your commitment to Him, your priorities, what does he see? Most likely all of us have some areas that we can improve. Let’s begin to improve this week!

Have a worship-filled week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church