The Bread of Life

Read: Psalm 103

Each week of Lent I will be sharing a portion of Rob Fuquay’s book “The God We Can Know” that correlates with the theme from the Sunday before.  This past Sunday we talked about Jesus saying, “I AM the Bread of Life” and what that means for our joy and satisfaction in this life.  Psalm 100 is a great companion to this theme, it proclaims that God satisfies our desires, renews us, forgives us, heals us, redeems us and that brings us true joy.   Here is a portion of what pastor Fuquay shares in chapter 2 of his book…..

“There is a difference between being full and being satisfied.  Being full and being satisfied aren’t the same, yet we live in a world that would have us think they are.  We are tempted to believe that in order to be satisfied we have to be full, yet fullness does not guarantee satisfaction in many areas of our lives…..

Being in control might bring tastes of satisfaction but not the lasting kind. In my prayers I frequently like to tell God what I want.  I begin my day with a list in hand: “Today, God, I need answers for this problem; I need resources for this issue; I need you to clear up this situation, change this person, resolve this crisis,” and so on.

Real satisfaction comes, however, when I pray differently. “Lord, thank you for what is set before me today. Help me to recognize and enjoy the special blessings you will offer me.  I am going to choose to be thankful.”  Another way of looking at this is to make being satisfied of higher importance than getting full.  You see, getting full is something we can control. We are in charge of choosing.

We can do things that will fill life up, but satisfaction is something we need help with.  We sometimes need assistance from God in order to say, “I have the gifts and opportunity to be satisfied right now.  I already possess what is necessary for joy.”  “Jesus said to them, I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Rob has many other great stories to tell and things to share in his book.  I encourage you to read it and join us for the weekly Bible studies here at church as we talk about the scripture texts and Rob’s chapter that goes along with each of the I AM sayings of Jesus.

Make it personal:  What gives you satisfaction in life?  How do you connect this source of satisfaction with God’s activity in your life and in the world?  When Jesus and other people are the main focus in our lives it is much easier to be content and find the joy that only God can bring to us.  In Psalm 103 David realized these things, hopefully we can as well!

Have a joy filled week in Jesus, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church