Blessed are the Peacemakers


Read: Matthew 5:1-12      

One of the most powerful examples of Jesus Christ is his life of peace and reconciliation.  In the beatitudes he proclaims, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  It sounds like he wants us to live this out in our lives as well.  There are other verses in scripture that encourage this kind of relationship, reconciliation, and work towards peace.  Proverbs 12:20; Romans 14:19; Romans 12:18; Hebrews 12:14 are just a few of those.

Yet most of the time when Christians talk about peace it has to do with the benefit of Christ’s peace that we are blessed with in our lives instead of how we can bring about peace.  When referring to illustrations on peace I noticed that many are about the peace of Christ in our lives but few are about the peace that we are encouraged by Jesus to live out.

Don’t get me wrong, we should be very thankful for the peace and comfort that Jesus can bring us during hard and difficult times in our lives, it is a definite blessing of having Jesus in our life.  But what about Matthew 5:9 where Jesus says that those who make peace and bring about peace will be blessed and called children of God?

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram once reported that firefighters in Genoa, Texas, were accused of deliberately setting more than forty destructive fires. When caught, they stated, “We had nothing to do. We just wanted to get the red lights flashing and the bells clanging.”  The job of firefighters is to put out fires, not start them. The job of Christians is to help resolve conflict (Matthew 5:9), not start more of it.

Being peacemakers can start in the relationships that are closest to us.  How are we working at peace in our relationships with each other?  How are we starting or creating fires in our relationships?  In the verses that follow the beatitudes Jesus talks about being salt and light in the world.  If we are to be the light of the world then that light must reflect the light and life of Jesus Christ.  This means working for peace and being examples of peace.

We all want peace in our world, even though that seems impossible much of the time.  But how about we start by being peacemakers close to home.  Instead of starting and creating fires of gossip, strife, hatred, and anger, how about we extinguish them with a Christ-like attitude of peace and reconciliation?  We all want more of that in our lives and in our world so how about we start being the peacemakers that Jesus calls us to be.  It starts with me!

Make it Personal:  Think about the fires in your life.  Have you created them?  Are they fires that have been burning for a long time?  Pray and ask Jesus to help you start extinguishing them with an attitude of peace and reconciliation.  Jesus knows the way, so seek his example and his guidance and begin a life of being a peacemaker.  If you do Jesus says you will be blessed and you will be called a child of God.

Have a peace-filled week everyone, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church