Best Medicine

Read: Psalm 126

After a long election night that produced a variety of emotions I had to think long and hard about what to share in this week’s midweek meditation.  Last Sunday I preached a message that addressed what our attitude and approach to this election should be as Christians.  If you missed that message you can find the video of it on the church website at this link.
“A Posture of Godly Faith” Isaiah 41: 8-13

So, no matter what your feelings are about last night I hope you can take some time to laugh and add some humor to your day today.  Psalm 126 says, “Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.”  And as they often say “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  Here are some other quotes that encourage us to laugh daily….

  • “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” 
  • “Life’s better when you’re laughing.”
  • “Laughter is poison to fear.” 
  • “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

Here are some funny thoughts I ran across this week….

~ I’m starting meetings at my house for people with OCD. I’m hoping they’ll take one look and start cleaning.
~ Minor surgery is when they do the operation on someone else, not you.
~ My friend was cold, so I told her to go sit in the corner. Corners are always 90 degrees.
~ Noah was a trusting soul. Imagine going out in a wooden boat with two woodpeckers and two termites.
~ Nobody is perfect, until you fall in love with them.
~ One nice thing about going the extra mile: It’s never crowded.

And here are these….

Two surgeons and a dermatologist were having lunch in the hospital cafeteria when the first two doctors began to laugh hysterically.  “What’s so funny?” the dermatologist asked, confused.  “Sorry, you wouldn’t understand,” one of the surgeons said, “It’s an inside joke.”

A job seeker was filling out an application one day.  After writing in his address, he was asked “Length of Residence?”  The applicant wrote “One acre.”

A note was put on a pop machine in a work break room that said, “Diet cola isn’t working.”  Beneath that, someone else had written, “Try exercise and a low-carb diet.”

I just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes, and I thought to myself, “Wow, dogs are easily entertained.”  Then I realized:  I just watched my dog chase his tail for ten minutes.

I hope these have helped to lighten your load today.  Make sure to find time in each day to laugh and enjoy life even in the midst of all the things going on in your life and in our world.  The Joy of the Lord is our strength!

Make it personal:  You can bring a smile and laughter to someone else today. Share a good joke, a funny story, or a humorous riddle with another person.  By making each other laugh we can lighten each other’s load.

Have a blessed week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church