From Age to Age

Read: Matthew 28:16-20

How well do you relate to other generations? I think sometimes we get so caught up in the traditions of our own generation that we fail to embrace the new traditions of the next generation. When this happens the opportunities for change and growth are often suffocated by our own personal preferences.

Truth should always remain the truth. In other words, generational preferences cannot change what God has proclaimed as truth in scripture. But there are many things that fall into the category of preferences that are not necessarily hinged on the Word of God. How can we appreciate and value the past while embracing the new that Jesus is bringing through the next generation?

It begins with interaction! We cannot learn what the next generation thinks and we cannot appreciate what the last generation has contributed unless we get to know each other and talk with each other. This should begin in the church, it should be fostered in the church, and it should be encouraged by the church. Mentoring and mutual sharing brings down walls, brings power, testimony, and strength to Christ’s call in Matthew 28 to make disciples.

Hugo Neufeld when writing on the power of intergenerational living says, “The walls that build up so readily between age groups begin to dissolve when God-given potential is recognized in every age category.” Yes, there is God-given potential in each generation and the church needs to nurture that potential.

Jesus calls us to make disciples of all nations but that must begin in our homes, churches, and local communities before it can go forth throughout the world. We must each ask ourselves what we are doing to learn from other generations and what we are doing to make disciples of those who are different than us in age, preferences, and customs.

Make it personal: Who can you be a mentor to? Who needs you to walk beside them in the faith? Who do you need to interact with in order to learn what new things God is doing in the church and in our world. The truth of God and Scripture must always be held high but our preferences and traditions can sometimes use some tweaking.

Have a great week, Glen Rhodes, Arthur Mennonite Church