10 to 45 Minutes

Read: Proverbs 2:1-11

This Proverb is a great reminder of how valuable and applicable the Word of God is for our lives. Many of the things mentioned in these eleven verses are things we all desire; Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, discretion, and so on.

I realize that this is nothing new to most people. We know that the Bible holds these wonderful truths, promises, and guidance, but how often do we turn to them? I think one of the main excuses we use these days is “there’s not enough time.”

I ran across something recently that said that half of the books in the Bible can be read in ten to forty-five minutes each, and many of them can be read in less than twenty. That’s shorter than most T.V. shows last. In fact, it went on to say that the Old and New Testaments together can be read aloud slowly with expression in less than seventy-one hours.

I realize that 71 hours might wear someone out, but the reason I share that is that people often think of the Bible as this big, large, overwhelming book to open. But it doesn’t have to be viewed in that way or read in that way.

A little time here and there in God’s Word can be an invaluable help to get you through your day and week; and when you have more time you can enjoy studying deeper about the wonderful story of God and how it applies to your life.

In his book from the 1960’s “Profitable Bible Study” Wilber M. Smith writes, “It will probably astonish many to know that one single, normal issue of “The Saturday Evening Post” contains as much reading matter as the entire New Testament. Thousands of people read the Post through every week. The number of Christians who read the New Testament through every week, or even one whole book of the New Testament every week, are so few that we need not talk about it.”

Smith’s word’s are convicting. I imagine the same thing could be said about the daily newspapers we read today. The bottom line is that we need our Bibles and we need to be sowing the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and discretion of the Lord into our lives on a daily basis. May each of us find that 10 to 45 minutes each day!

Make it personal: Sometimes it helps to find different ways to encounter God’s Word. Sometimes various translations can help or even using a commentary to see how the Spirit has spoken to others through that passage can help us. The Lord will use his own way to get his Word into your heart, you just have to be receptive.

Have a great week,
Glen Rhodes, Minister of Discipling and Community Life, Arthur Mennonite Church